Our way of approach to the products leads us to investigate some ancient philosophies and cultures. Where we can find useful information. That would result to change our paradigm to the way of seeing the things. 

Wholistic Approach

Everything is Connected

According to Reflexogy Principle, all teeth have a function,  and if you just extract them without the knowledge of their deeper function you could cause major issues in the body’s circulation, more specifically the heart, middle ear, shoulder, pituitary functioning, nervous system, tongue.

Some pro reflexologys are checking your teeths to examine all you body. It is where any teeth looking problemactic then corresponding organ would be too. If the teeth is health then the organ is healty. Also viceaversa is true as well.  

Gums loves to brush, but do you brush enough to make them happy. Your gums are actually elastic materials. As long you brush they become more elastic which keep all the teeth together with less tension & less stress and creates better circulation with in your body.

for example, that tooth #12 (a premolar) is related to "eye diseases, ablaio retinae, agryponia, vegetative dystonia, schizophrenic aspects, dysthyreosis, ocular fundus diseases, mental varieties, cell respiration, fermentation, enzymatics, liver-stomach-pancreas, dyspepsia & dysbiosis, maxillary sinus,



Rithm of Life

There are many important things about sleep however, one thing is way more important than rest of the things is time of wake up.

Circadian Rithm is getting more important as it gets known. Actually it is is known in many cultures. Thanks to new achievements especially Dr. Aziz Sancar got his noble price about his Research on Circadian Rhythm and Cancer Research


So the connection about sleep is wakeup time. For healthy life, it is really important to Be AWAKE during the time when blood pressure has a peak-rise. It is approximately 1-1:30 hour before sun rise.  

So salute the Sun Rise...


Teeth Are BONES

According to Chinesse Systems, Each teeth is associated with a vertebre, you have 32 teeth and 33 vertebre isnt it strange? You can find more about in chinese meridian system

So Balanced Teeth reflex the Balanced Bones. Balanced Bones Reflex Balanced Teeth Structure.

Keep your Spine Direct as your Teeth



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